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Ashcroft 1305D Deadweight Tester Kit
Ashcroft 1305D Deadweight Tester Kit SKU:AM_DW_TR
Description and Specs
Ashcroft 1305D Deadweight Tester Kit, 5000 psi Maximum are hydraulic primary standards used to calibrate pressure gauges, transmitters, transducers, recorders and controllers. These self-contained tester kits have everything you need for testing, setting, calibrating, and repairing your high-accuracy pressure instruments—except operating fluid. Each kit consists of a two-stage hydraulic pump, two interchangeable piston assemblies (high- and low-pressure), a manifold with connectors, and an assortment of nonmagnetic, die cast zinc alloy weights. Precision-tooled weights are premeasured, marked with pressure values for each piston and come with a separate case. Use the high-pressure piston for calibration pressures at maximum (5000 PSI) with a 75 psi resolution (see table in documentation package); use the low-pressure piston to achieve a maximum of 1000 psi with a 15 psi resolution. During operation, the manifold is pressurized until the weight assembly reaches a designated mark. A displacement valve lets you vary the pressure without using the pump handle or release valve. Once the correct pressure is achieved, simply reposition the needle on your gauge to the corresponding value. Instruments also come with certificates and optional calibration data sheets. A metal protective case is also included, plus a standard set of tools for setup and adjustments.

Test Fluid
Ashcroft 1305D - SAE 20 automotive or machine oil (approximately 1-1/2 pints required; not included)

Wetted Parts
Piston / Cylinder Material400-series stainless steel

O-Rings - Buna N (Standard), Viton, EPT (Optional)

Hydraulic Deadweight Tester, Pressure Range 15 to 5000 psi, Accuracy +/-0.1 Percent Reading, Displayed Pressure Units psi, Calibration Certificate NIST Traceable, Includes Pump, 17 Weights, Hand Jack Set, Spare O Rings, Carrying Case for Weights, Carrying Case for Pump and Accessories, Instructions

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