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The Noshok Seires 200 Low Pressure Diaphragm Guage NS-200
The Noshok Seires 200 Low Pressure Diaphragm Guage NS-200 SKU:NS-G-200
Price: Starting at $60.57
Description and Specs
The Noshok 200 Series Low Pressure Diaphragm Guages are prefect for Low Pressure and Vacuum Measurement.Often utilized in water treatment plants, HVAC applications and gas distrobution but can be utilized anywhere low pressure and vacuum measurements are needed.
Features and Benifits
  • Designed for extremely low pressure and vacuum measurement
  • Ultra sensitive copper alloy diaphragm capsules are rated for pressure (or vacuum) as low as 0-10 inches of water and as high as 0-10 psi
  • 2-1/2 and 4 inch sizes bottom and back connections
  • Molded Plexiglass lenses on 2-1/2 inch size and instrument glass on 4 inch size for strength and clarity
  • Standard case on 2-1/2 inch size is black painted steel (optional Stainless steel), and Stainless steel on 4 inch case
  • Phosphor bronze diaphragm capsules are coupled with precision all-brass movements to provide extremely accurate indication
  • 25-206 & 25-216 are low pressure diaphragm OEM-Type gauges; they feature a black ABS case and a Copper Beryllium Alloy (CuBe) diaphragm capsule coupled with Cu-Alloy movement for extremely low pressure applications
  • Available options include overpressure protection of up to 200% of the dial range
Noshok Series 100 Standard Gauges

NoshoK Gauge Installation and Technical Manual: Click Here

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