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NoShok Model 1950 Series Digital Indicator
NoShok Model 1950 Series Digital Indicator SKU:1950
Price: Starting at $273.93
Description and Specs
NOSHOK Series 1950 Compact Smart System Digital Indicator offers the features of a full size panel meter compressed into a small design for ease of installation in almost any application. The 5 digit display has a span range of -9999 to 99999 and is available in a reflective LCD or backlit versions.
The display can accept a variety of process signals for applications in pressure, flow, level, force and temperature. All programming can be done through the front of the meter with little difficulty. The display is fully expandable to accommodate applications requiring relays, dual sinking outputs, and serial communications by RS232 or RS485.
IPS calibrates all of its indicators to your transducer requirements at no additional cost. Simply tell us how you want it set up, then plug it in and go; no muss, no fuss and no charge!
Input signals - Current, voltage or resistance
Process display - 5 digit, 0.48 ? high, (-9999 to 99999)
Power requirement - 9 Vdc to 28 Vdc, unregulated (Optional power supply available for 85 Vac to 250 Vac excitation)
Connections Terminal - block in rear Recommended wire: 30-14 AWG copper
Memory - Nonvolatile E2PROM memory retains all programming parameters and max/min values when power is removed
Accuracy - 0.1% of span
Response time - < 500 msec
Temperature ranges - Operating -35C to 75C Storage -35C to 85C
Operating and Storage Humidity - 0 to 85% max. relative, non-condensing
Vibration - 5 to 500 Hz, in X,Y,Z direction for 1.5 hours, 5 gs. According to IEC 68-2-6
Shock - Operational 30 g, 11 msec in 3 directions. According to IEC 68-2-27
Electromagnetic rating - Emissions and immunity to EN 61326
Environmental protection - NEMA 4X/IP65, sealed bezel only
Weight - 3.2 oz (100 g)
Relay option card - Type: Single FORM-C relay Isolation To Sensor & User Input Commons: 1400 Vrms for 1 min. Working Voltage: 150 Vrms Contact Rating: 1 amp @ 30 Vdc resistive; 0.3 amp @ 125 Vac resistive Life Expectancy: 100,000 minimum operations Response Time: Turn On Time: 4 msec max. Turn Off Time: 4 msec max.
Communications option card - RS485 multi-point balanced interface (non-isolated) Baud Rate: 300 to 38.4k Data Format: 7/8 bits; odd, even, or no parity Bus Address: 0 to 99; max 32 meters per line Transmit Delay: Selectable RS232 half duplex (non-isolated) Baud Rate: 300 to 38.4k Data Format: 7/8 bits; odd, even, or no parity
Dual sinking output option - Non-isolated switched DC, N Channel open drain card MOSFET Current Rating: 100 mA max. VDS ON: 0.7 V @ 100 mA VDS MAX: 30 VDC Offstate Leakage Current: 0.5 mA max.

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