2.5" Dial, PR Series, Stainless Steel All Welded Gauge (Repairable) (Fillable)

PR Series m

2.5" Dial,Repairable Industrial Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Gauge, 316 Stainless Steel wetted parts.

  • Features

    •  2.5" Dial

    • All Stainless Steel Construction

    • 316 Stainless Steel Wetted  Parts

    • Glycerin Filled or Dry/Fillable

    • Blowout Relief

    • REPAIRABLE  with Bayonet Ring

  • Other Ranges and Options Available ,

  • CALL 618-465-7623

  • Case:  Stainless Steel

  • Ring: Stainless Steel Bayonet Ring (Repairable)

  • Lens: Plastic Standard, (Glass available with Bayonet Ring) 

  • Dial: Aluminum, Black Figures on White Background

  • Wetted Parts: 316 Stainless Steel Alloy  with Restrictor screw

  • Temperature: Ambient: 0 to 150°F (Glycerin Filled) 

  • Accuracy: 1.6% Full Scale

  • Monel Tube/Socket Not Available in 2.5"


 Series PR gauges offers rugged, all-welded stainless steel construction.  In 4” and 6” dials, the tube, socket and case are all welded together, offering superior case sealing and gauge integrity.  The stainless steel case, tube and socket make the gauge ideal for applications involving corrosive environment or media.  Liquid Filling (at the factory or in the field) is usually recommended for severe service.  The removable bayonet ring makes the PR gauge field repairable.


 IPS Offers many other Styles of pressure gauges for virtually any application. 

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