36 inch temperature probe with a 90 ° bend

30 degree bend Thermal probe

Our custom made thermal probe. 90° bend for use in many applications. made from 1\4 inch 316 Stainless steel tubing. Custom orders accepted.

Used to check temperatures in locations that benefit from the ease of use that hand-helds provide. Be it checking the temperature of a Kiln to the temperature of food we make all kinds of probes.

Type: Available in all Thermocouple types (price will vary)
Style: Dependent on application: MgO or General (price will vary)
Sheath: application dependent (price will vary)

Includes: comfort grip handle and coil cord in a color which matches the Thermocouple Type

We can customize this design to meet your specifications, just mention this in email or over the phone and we can help you from there!

Please visit Industrial Process and Sensor for more info.

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