FLUKE 68 Intrinsically Safe (NIST Certified)

FLUKE 68 IS NIST IR Thermometer

The Fluke 68 Intrinsically Safe Infrared Thermometer is for use in hazardous locations for front-line troubleshooting and preventive maintenance. This Model is NIST Certified.

The FLUKE Series 68 Intrinsically Safe NIST Certified Infrared Thermometer is for use in locations where combustibles are present.

Thermometer Type: Infrared Thermometer
Temperature Range:-25°F to 1400°F
Focus Spot Size and Distance:Focus is 1 inch at a distance of 50 inches
Spectral Response (uM)†:8 to 14
Laser Sighting: 1 Dot
Response Time: 500 milliseconds
Emissivity‡: Adjustable 0.10 to 1.00
Repeatability: ±0.5%
Display: Backlit LCD
Alarm: High/Low
Data Logging: 12 Points
Data Hold: Yes
Max/Min: Yes
Memory Recall: Min/Max
Ambient Temperature Range: 32°F to 120°F
Safety Rating: Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, D; Class I, Zone 0, AEX ia IIC; T4 @ 50DC When Used With A 9V Alkaline Battery and Included Temp Probe
Battery Type: 9V (included)
Calibration Certificate: NIST
Includes: Hard Case, and Wrist Strap
Manufacturers Warranty Length: 2 Year, Conditional

† - Spectral response: The response of a device to material or to monochromatic light as a function of wavelength, used to determine the sensitivity of the device. The higher the more sensitive.
‡ - Emissivity: The amount of infrared energy radiated by an object depends on its emissivity and its temperature. The emissivity depends on the material and its surface characteristics. For more accurate readings, adjust the emissivity value for the type of material being measured.

Material Emissivity
Aluminum* 0.30
Asbestos 0.95
Asphalt 0.95
Basalt 0.70
Brass* 0.50
Brick 0.90
Carbon 0.85
Ceramic 0.95
Concrete 0.95
Copper* 0.95
Dirt 0.94
Frozen food 0.90
Hot food 0.93
Glass (plate) 0.85
Ice 0.98
Iron* 0.70
Lead* 0.50
Limestone 0.98
Oil 0.94
Paint 0.93
Paper 0.95
Plastic** 0.95
Rubber 0.95
Sand 0.90
Skin 0.98
Snow 0.90
Steel* 0.80
Textiles 0.94
Water 0.93
Wood*** 0.94

* oxidized
** opaque, over 20 mil
*** natural

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