H-DMAH Series is a Dual element or Single RTD, miniature thermocouple head designed for tight locations. SS body, SS cap

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IPS H-DMAH Series IPS miniature Dual Element, SS Thermocouple head. Stainless Steel cover. Designed for tight locations.

No. H-DMAH Series IPS Minature Dual Element or Single RTD, thermocouple head is a general all purpose rust-proof , low priced thermocouple designed to fit into tight locations such as, motor bearings, generator bearing and oil temperature areas, Any where you might require a miniature T/C head.


  • Dual Element or Single RTD Design
  • Compact design
  • O-ring seal
  • Cover easily removed
  • Usually installs with bore thru compression fitting
  • For use with a  .250 Mineral Insulated  or General type T/C or RTD
  • H-DMAH Series accepts Dual elements or RTD's
  • Other sizes available  

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