NoShok 615 Series 0-150 PSIG; 615-150-1-1-2-1

615-150-1-1-2-1 NoShock 615 Series Pressure Transducer

NoShok 615 Series, SKU: NS615-150-1-1-2-1: 0-150 PSIG, ± 0.25% Accuracy, 2-wire 4-20mA out, 1/4" NPT male Process Connection with a 36" cable terminating with a Hirshcmann Connector.

Detailed information about the 615 Series can be found here: 615 Product Guide

Features & Benefits:
Designed for heavy duty applications requiring high accuracy and durability
Extreme high pressure ranges from vacuum to 120,000 psi; Absolute ranges from 15 psia to 300 psia
Span and zero adjustments
Advanced diffused semi-conductor and sputtered thin film sensor for maximum stability
Excellent accuracy, shock resistance, and long term reliability
Rugged corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction
Available in a wide variety of electrical and process configurations
Compatible with NOSHOK 1900 and 2000 Series Smart System Indicators
Also available with our 1800 Series Attachable Loop Indicator
CE compliant to suppress RFI, EMI and ESD
Final calibration tests prior to shipment ensures 100% "out of the box" reliability

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NoShok 615 616 Series Pressure Transducers

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