Rosemount Model 248 Temperature Transmitter

ROSE 248

Rosemount Model 248 Temperature Transmitter / Head Mount Configuration

Rosemount Model 248 Temperature Transmitter with HART protocol

A complete temperature assembly for any Single Point measurement application

The Rosemount 248 Temperature Transmitter is designed to meet common Single Point measurement application requirements.  This transmitter with HART® protocol can easily be ordered with a variety of sensors (RTDs and thermocouples) and thermowells.   The Rosemount 248 is provided in a head mount configuration suitable for installation in a wide variety of connection heads and housings.  Additionally, a Rail Mount configuration is also available for rail and rack mountable applications.  A PC-programmable interface is available, providing an easy-to-use configuration method from any PC.


At IPS we sell the full line of Rosemount temperature products.  We also build thermocouples and RTD assemblies.  Call us and we will assist you in specifying THE BEST SOLUTION for your application!   

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