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44Inch Bearing RTD Sensor
44Inch Bearing RTD Sensor SKU:BR310BC
Price: $ 119.7 each
Description and Specs
44Inch Bearing RTD Sensor
Used to detect temperature changes at the point of contact in bearings, oil, air, water, and other process control applications.
can be supplied with any fittings required, Oli rings, spring loaded and more!
Bearing RTD Specifications
Sheath Configuration and Temperature Range:
Insulated Epoxy Glass Sheath with copper alloy tip, (-50 to 155 ?C)
Standard 316 Stainless Steel Sheath with copper alloy tip, (-50 to 250 ?C)
Insulated 316 Stainless Stell Sheath, (-50 to 250 ?C)
Single Elements: 2 or 3 wire configuration
Dual Elements: 2 or 3 wire configuration
Insulation Resistance:
1000 megaohms at 500 VDC leads to cable.
100 megaohms between dual elements

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