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Bolt on RTD Temperature Sensors
Bolt on RTD Temperature Sensors SKU:Bolt_RTD
Description and Specs
Industrial Process and Sensor offers RTDs with many varied mounting options. The Bolt on RTD will allow you to directly attach the RTD element to your specified Female Threaded port or to any terminal mount
Advantages of platinum resistance thermometers:

  • High accuracy
  • Low drift
  • Wide operating range
  • Suitable for precision applications


  • RTDs in industrial applications are rarely used above 660 C. At temperatures above 660 C it becomes increasingly difficult to prevent the platinum from becoming contaminated by impurities from the metal sheath of the thermometer. This is why laboratory standard thermometers replace the metal sheath with a glass construction. At very low temperatures, say below -270 C (or 3 K), due to the fact that there are very few phonons, the resistance of an RTD is mainly determined by impurities and boundary scattering and thus basically independent of temperature. As a result, the sensitivity of the RTD is essentially zero and therefore not useful.
  • Compared to thermistors, platinum RTDs are less sensitive to small temperature changes and have a slower response time. However, thermistors have a smaller temperature range and stability.

Tolerance Class Valid Range
Tolerance class F 0.3 -50 to +500 C
Tolerance class F 0.15 -30 to +300 C
Tolerance class F 0.1 0 to +150 C

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