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RG91PBC63006D06AS000 100 Ohm RTD assembly
RG91PBC63006D06AS000 100 Ohm RTD assembly SKU:RG91PBC63006D06AS000
Price: $192.43
Description and Specs
RG91PBC63006D06AS000 for use with the TWM501R6MD.75STRB197 Socket Weld Thermowell
The RG91PBC63006D06AS000 100 Ohm Platinum RTD assembly was specially designed for use in a thermowell with a 0.5inch instrument connection.
The spring loaded design allows for a snug fit a the bottom of the thermowell for maximum accuracy.

Element Type: 100ohm Platinum RTD
Element Class: B
Wire Configuration: 4
Sheath Material: 316SS Sheath OD: 0.188 inches
Sheath Lenght: 6 inches
Fitting: Spring loaded with no Oil seal
Options: Union Nipple

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