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TEGGOES2010808S Bead Style Type E Ring Lug
TEGGOES2010808S Bead Style Type E Ring Lug SKU:TEGGOES2010808S
Price: $43.00
Description and Specs
The TEGGOES2010808S Bead Style Type E thermocouple, with a terminal ring connection crimped onto the end for mounting. The Terminal ring is availiable in many stlyes and configurations from weld on strips to terminal connections.
The TEGGOES2010808S is constructed from Type E thermocouple wire and solid fiberglass for high temperature resistance and a stainless steel overbraid for mechanical wear protection.

Type E thermocouples are often used in Cryogenic situations but can sense temperatures -454F to 1832F

Thermocouple Type: E
Element Style: Snigle
Insulation: Fiberglass on Fiberglass
Lenght: 9 inches
Wire Gauge: 20 AWG
Junction Style: Welded and Twisted

Connection Type: Terminal Ring

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