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TWM501R6MD.75STRB197 Socket Weld Thermowell
TWM501R6MD.75STRB197 Socket Weld Thermowell SKU:TWM501R6MD.75STRB197
Price: $77.04
Description and Specs
TWM501R6MD.75STRB197 Socket Weld Thermowell
Socket weld Thermowells are often used to adapt a Thermocouple or bi-metal thermometer to a exsiting fabrication or tank. The option to simply weld the thermowell in place allows for a excellent seal and a strong connection to the vessel.
The TWM501R6MD.75STRB197 was designed to be used in an exsisting piping desing simply welded into an elbow to record temperature changes within the process

construction material: 316SS
Imersion length: 6 inches
Thermowell Style: Strait
Inner Bore Diameter: 0.188 inches
Outer Diameter: 0.75 inches
COnnection: 0.5 inch Instrument

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