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TM72K01I4U0600X10S- Type K Tube Skin Thermocouple
TM72K01I4U0600X10S- Type K Tube Skin Thermocouple SKU:TM72K01I4U0600X10S
Price: $284.92
Description and Specs
Industrial Process and Sensor manufactures Thermocouples of all shapes and configurations. Our TM72K01I4U0600X10S Type K tubeskin Thermocouple can be used in many applications where the thermocouple may benifit from expansion or contration, wheather its from instalation or operation.
The TM72K01I4U0600X10S offers a wide range of options from Mounting to its unique Expansion loop. This loop allows the installer to strech the Thermocouple to a desired length as apposed to getting it cut down to their needed length, having 1 part for the job of many.

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