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Crane 8inch Figure 151 Globe Valve
Crane 8inch Figure 151 Globe Valve SKU: 8 151 XU F 9 BP
Description and Specs
IPS offers a wide range of Crane valves including the Figure 143 Globe Valve, with available butt weld or flanged connection
Pressure Class:

Figure 151
Figure 151½
Butt Weld
Pressure Temperature Rating
Carbon Steel
ASTM A216 Grade WCB
740 psi @ -20°F to 100°F
(51 bar @ -28°C to 37°C)
Available sizes from:
2 through 12 inches(50 - 300 mm)

Butt weld ends on valves 10\" (250 mm) and smaller are bored to match standard pipe unless otherwise specified. For larger valves, diameter (I.D. of pipe) of bore must be specified.

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