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Crane Class 300 Outside Screw and Yoke
Crane Class 300 Outside Screw and Yoke SKU: CR_300
Description and Specs
Gate valves serve as efficient stop valves with flow in either direction. They are commonly used where a minimum pressure drop is
important. Throttling is not recommended because partially open gate valves exhibit flow characteristics not conducive to accurate
and consistent flow control. Also, the valves may be damaged by the high velocity across the seats. They function best fully open or
fully closed.

Crane gate valves offer the ultimate in dependable service for steam, air, gas, oil, oil vapor, and high pressure installations. All have straight through ports to assure minimum turbulence, erosion, and resistance to flow. They are available in a wide variety of trims.

Size Range:
2 through 24 inches
(50 - 600 mm)

Pressure Temperature Rating
Carbon Steel
ASTM A216 Grade WCB
740 psi @ -20°F to 100°F
(51 bar @ -28°C to 37°C)

Material of Construction*
Description Material
Body WCB
Bonnet WCB
Seat Rings Hardfaced
Disc CA-15 or 13% CR Overlay
Stem 410 SS
Packing Graphite
Bonnet Gasket Stainless Steel spiral wound Graphite
Back Seat 410 SS
Yoke Sleeve D2 Ni-Resist
Retaining Nut Malleable or Steel
Gland Steel
Gland Flange Steel
Eye Bolt Steel
Eye Bolt Nuts Steel
Pins Steel
Bonnet Studs A193 Gr. B7
Bonnet Nuts A194 Gr. 2H
Handwheel Malleable, Ductile or Steel
Handwheel Nut Ductile or Steel
I.D. Tags SS
I.D. Pins Steel
Spacer Steel
Grease Fittings Steel

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