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Yokogawa UP750 Temperature Controller
Yokogawa UP750 Temperature Controller SKU: UP750
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Description and Specs
The Yokogawa UP750 temperature controller is an intelligent, microprocessor-based program controller that has the capacity of 300 program patterns as well as powerful control capability, a custom computation function, and a user-friendly display. The Yokogawa UP750 temperature controller has many standard control modes. Functions including program setting, control, control computation, and signal computation can be configured by using the keys on the front panel.

The Yokogawa UP750 temperature controller includes eleven types of pre-decided control strategies including cascade, temperature / humidity, and more in single or dual loops. Auto-tuning control, an overshoot suppressing function "SUPER", and a heating suppressing function "SUPER 2" are standard to the Yokogawa UP750 temperature controller.
Features of the Yokogawa UP750 Temperature Controller

* Extra-large, high resolution, 5-digit display
* Displays the target setpoint and control related parameters, program patterns, deviation trend records, and an analog bargraph of control output values
* Huge capacity of 300 program patterns / 3000 segments. Applicable to a wide range of heat treatment, textile, environmental chamber, and testing applications.
* Features eleven types of control functions including single-loop control, cascade control, loop control with PV auto-selector, and custom computation function, enabling the operator to start control operation immediately after simply entering the settings.
* Custom Computation capability, allowing functions as complicated as computation for input compensation or sequence logic for input / output via LL200 PC-based Custom Computation Building Tool (optional)
* Universal input and output enable users to set or change freely the type of measured inputs (thermocouple, RTD, or DCV), measurement input range, type of control output (4 to 20 mA current, voltage pulse, or relay contact) etc.
* Equipped with seven contact inputs and outputs each, which are further expandable up to 23 inputs and outputs each by adding contact I/O signal expansion modules.
* Various communication functions are provided. Communication is possible with personal computer, programmable logic controller, and other controllers.

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