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Yokogawa UT150 Temperature Controller
Yokogawa UT150 Temperature Controller SKU: UT150
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Description and Specs
The 1/16 DIN Yokogawa UT150 temperature controller is a compact, versatile, general-purpose temperature controller. Standard functions of the Yokogawa UT150 temperature controller include a dynamic auto tune and the "SUPER" overshoot suppress function. In addition, the Yokogawa UT150 temperature controller has heating / cooling control, a retransmission output, a timer function, and a communication function available as optional features.

The Yokogawa UT150 temperature controller can be used to keep the fixed temperature of a controlled object such as a furnace.

Yokogawa UT150 temperature controllers have easy-to-read dual displays, which show the input and the setpoint. T/C or RTD inputs are standard to these Yokogawa temperature controllers, and the output type is selectable: ON/OFF, voltage pulse, or DC current.

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