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Ceramic Thermocouple Protection Tubes Mullite and 998 Alumina for High Temperature Applications.

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Industrial Process and Supply offers a varity of Ceramic Thermocouple Protection Tubes for many demanding  process application.  We offer  Mullite and 998 Alumina as standard. Other ceramic/metal materials on request. Please consult factory.

Material Maximum
Thermal Shock
Fair (preheating to
900ºF (482ºC)
Iron, Barium, crown glass:
Non-ferrous metals; gas-tight
protection for noble metal
thermocouples in excess of
2400ºF (1316ºC)
Sags at 2900ºF (1593ºC)
Prevents dry hydrogen
Poor (preheating to
900ºF (482ºC)
Non-ferrous metals; gas-tight
protection for noble metal
thermocouples to
2400ºF (1316ºC)
Sags at 2900ºF (1593ºC)
Prone to attack by halogen
gases; Some penetration of dry
hydrogen. Contains silica


Ceramic Protection Tubes are used in applications where contamination from hostile environments or the cutting action of concentrated and direct flame impingement are factors. Such conditions usually require a noble metal thermocouple such as platinum and platinum alloys.
When selecting assemblies using ceramic components, the expected maximum temperatures must be considered. At elevated temperatures, some ceramic materials go through a glass phase. As silica is a prime contaminant of platinum, alumina protecting tubes and insulators are recommended for temperatures exceeding 2000ºF (1093ºC).

Alumina & Mullite are easily machined with standard shop equipment.
High temperature ceramic cement maybe used to mount fittings and for repairs.

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