Metal Protection Tubes


IPS makes a large number of metal protection tubes, using many different materials. We carry a large inventory of raw materials to respond to customer needs. We weld the hot junction end of the metal pipe to ensure the highest-quality closure.

Our Protection Tubes are made to your specifications and needs.

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Metal Protection Tube Assembly

Metal Protection Tubes are useful in rugged, low and high temperature applications ranging up to 2100°F. See the Applications Chart in the attached "Product Specs" for further information on material characteristics. Various mounting styles are available; plain, adjustable flange, or welded bushing. Cold Leg on 90° elbow types is seamless steel.

Heavy-duty industrial applications require heavy-duty temperature sensors. Metal protection tube assemblies manufactured by Industrial Process and Sensor are the most common answer to this problem. The protection tubes typically have a wall thickness of schedule 40 or schedule 80. The protection tube can be made of various stainless steels or nickel alloys depending on the specific application service requirements. Termination of the protection tube assembly is typically a cast iron or cast aluminum screw cover head for enclosure of the thermocouple connections. The thermocouple element can be changed through removal of the terminal block while the assembly is still in service. The protection tube is usually mounted in the application with a fixed bushing or flange mounted to the tube.

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