Insulated Type E Extension Grade Wire (Information)

Wire E EX m

Type E Insulated Wire Color Code: Positive, Purple (Chromel); Negative, Red, (Constantan); Overall Brown Thermocouple Grade, or Purple Extension Grade wire. Single, Duplex, Cable or Bare.

Type EX Insulated Wire  Color Code: Positive, Purple (Chromel);  Negative, Red, (Constantan); Overall Brown, Purple Tracer; Extension wire has Overall Purple

Product Specifications



Solid or stranded thermocouple or extension grade wire per
ASTM E230 & ANSI MC96.1


 13 Types Available


Parallel  or twisted conductors

Operating Temperature:

32ºF to 1600ºF (Dependent on AWG)

Limits of Error

Conforms to ASTM E230, IEC 584
and ANSI MC 96.1

Color Code:

Conforms to ASTM E230 and ANSI MC
96.1 (International Color Codes Available)











  • Temperature Sensors
  • Single Conductors, Duplex or Cable
  • Power Plants
  • Metal Overbraids
  • Transportation
  • Twisted/Shielded Pair
  • Cryogenics
  • Multi-Pair Cables
  • Petrochemical Plants
  • Galvanized Half-Oval Armor
  • FDA Approved...Applications
  • Insulation and Jacket
  • Composites
  • UL Listed Constructions
  • Aerospace
  • Calibration Test Reports
  • Foundries


  • Kilns



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