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PD Series m

2.0" Dial, PD Series, Black Steel Case, Push-On Bezel, Plastic Window (Most Economical) Dry

RETAIL: 10.50

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  • Features

    •  Most Economical

    •  2.0" Dial

    •  All Welded Construction

    • Black Painted Steel Case

    • Copper Alloy Wetted  Parts

    • Plastic snap-In Window

    • Other Ranges and Options Available,


  • CALL 618-465-7623

  • Most Economical Design

  • Case:  Black Painted Steel

  • Ring: Plastic Snap-in window

  • Lens: Snap-In Plastic, Standard 

  • Dial: Aluminum, Black Figures on White Background

  • Wetted Parts: Copper Alloy

  • Temperature: Ambient: -10 to 140°F  

  • Accuracy: 3-2-3% Full Scale (1.6% available, CALL)



Series PD "utility" gauge offers a wide variety of economical gauges for applications where ambient or process corrosion are not of concern. Suitable for non-vibrating applications.


 IPS Offers many other Styles of pressure gauges for virtually any application. 

Large order discounts available, CALL.

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2.0" Dial, PD Series, Stainless Steel Case, Push-On Bezel, Plastic Window (Most Economical) Dry
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2.0" Dial, PD Series, Stainless Steel Case, Plastic Snap-In Window (Most Economical) Dry
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