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Welcome to Industrial Process and Sensor 

Instrumentation & Sensor Solutions!

WE Manufacturer

? Thermocouples: ALL thru Multi-Point

? Thermocouple Wire and Cable

? Instrument Accessories

? RTD's

? Thermowells

? Custom Gauges and Meters

? Process Sensors

? Metal Protection Tubes

? OEM Production

? Thermocouple & RTD Accessories

? Ceramic Protection Tubes

? Stock and Custom

IPS offers complete lines by the leading manufacturers.

Temperature, Pressure, Level, Flow and Test & Calibration Equipment

Come on in, look around, ask questions or provide us with feedback or suggestions. 

Serving Customer Needs!

My people need it and they needed it yesterday.

In today's competitive economy the requirements placed on the buyer or maintenance supervisor by the company is demanding, to say the least.  No longer can the company afford the high cost of maintaining a large inventory if you want to be competitive. The company must have a short supply chain that is dependable from the top to the bottom, with "Just In Time" delivery, if they want to survive and maintain a competitive edge.  IPS will provide the service that you require, with the same passion and urgency that you have. IPS will make it seem like yesterday and now you can relax!  IPS will provide EMERGENCY service to meet your needs.

IPS manufacturing base provides our customers with a full range of quality products tailored to customer needs; a short supply chain, giving reliable, flexible supply and on-time delivery; consistent product quality, and superior service and technical support, at a very competitive price.

What IPS will do for you:

At IPS, providing total customer satisfaction is not just a phrase, it describes what we do best. Not only do our trained sales and technical service staff focus their efforts on addressing and resolving customer needs, our personnel work directly with customers on product and process requirements.

Industrial Process and Sensor will provide EMERGENCY service to meet your needs. Now you can relax knowing that IPS will DELIVER on time!

Industrial Process and Sensor offers customers Top Quality; Technical expertise; Reasonable Prices & Short Delivery Time. These qualities have contributed to the growing number of satisfied and growing customer base and intensive global activities in our business. 

Our employees work to benefit our customers by delivering quality workmanship with management attention to efficient, reliable and excellent products and services, and delivery when you want it. 

We test each product before it every leaves the factory.  Because of our strict quality control, we have virtually zero defectives.  Through experience we have learned that manufacturing with high quality components and premium-grade materials help ensure that we will have no returns and allow us to sell premium quality products.  Our low overhead allows us to sell below our competition.  Our dedication to service and our low prices enable us to form long-term relations with our Distributor partners that last for years.  Our Customer partners know that as our costs decrease, we will pass along the savings, often lowering prices without being asked. 

Industrial Process and Sensor is owned and managed by experienced industry professionals and people who value long-term relations, not the quick-sale that so many other companies thrive on. IPS has factory partners with the same dedication we demand of ourselves.   Anyone can assemble process and sensor products, but consistently providing high-quality products, excellent service, flexible shipping programs, and the latest technologies in process and control requires a true CUSTOMER partner.

"We can take the HEAT!"

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