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Crystal Engineering M1 digital pressure gauge

Crystal Engineering M1 digital pressure gauge

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Do more with less!

The M1 is a digital pressure gauge with 0.2% of reading accuracy. It competes directly with mechanical gauges. Accuracy is not degraded by dropping, over-pressure, rapid pressure changes or temperatures between -10°C and 50°C.

One M1 gauge can replace up to five 0.25% mechanical gauges with an accuracy reading of 0.2%.

  • Enclosure is rated to NEMA 4, IP65
  • Can be customized for specific vendor applications
  • Battery life up to 3 years continuous use
  • Bright backlit display
  • G ¼ B BSP parallel fittings available
  • Protective boot included

20% to 100% of Full Scale: ±(0.2% of Reading).
0 to 20% of Full Scale: ±(0.04% of Full Scale).
Vacuum, for 2MPa (300 PSI, 20 bar, 20kg/cm2) and lower pressure gauges:
0 to -99.9 kPa (-14.5 PSIG): ±(0.25% of Full Scale), where F.S.: -99.9 kPa (-14.5 PSIG).
(Not recommended for continuous use at high vacuum.)

Overscale Limit 
Display will flash at 110% of Full Scale.

Pressure Ranges
(see table below for details)

Operating & Compensated: -10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F).
Storage: -40°C to 75°C (-40°F to 167°F).

Backlit Display
Description: 5 Full (seven segment) digits.
Display rate: 4 readings per second.
Numeral display height: 16.8mm (0.66") single line display. 


Pressure connection: 1/4 male NPT or G 1/4 B BSP.

Media Compatibility
Liquids and gases compatible with 316 stainless steel.

Battery: Two size AA (LR6) batteries.
Battery life: 900 hours at 4 readings/second.
Extended battery life:
1 reading/15 seconds . . . 3,000 hours
1 reading/30 seconds . . . 6,000 hours
1 reading/1 minute. . . . . . 10,000 hours
1 reading/5 minutes. . . . . 25,000 hours
1 reading/10 minutes. . . . 30,000 hours

Description: Water resistant housing incorporating o-ring seals. Polyester/Polycarbonate blend compatible with common industrial fluids, including Skydrol.
Dimensions: 44mm (1.72") D x 108mm (4.25") W x 129mm (5.1") L
Weight: 325g (11.5 oz.), including batteries and protective boot.

Piezoresistive silicon sensor with permanent oil isolation system and integral filter. 316 stainless steel welded (not brazed) sensor. No o-rings, thread tape, epoxy or sealant on any part of sensor assembly. 

Additional Features
Vertical bar graph 
Minimum (LO) & Maximum (HI) capture 
Averaging (2 to 20 samples)

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