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crystal xp2i_m

Crystal XP2i Digital Test Gauge

RETAIL: 845.00
BASE PRICE: 840.00

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The Crystal XP2i Digital Pressure Test gauge is by far, the best and most versatile digital test gauge. Ranges from Vacuum to 10K PSI. Datalogging Capabilities.

First and foremost, XP2i gauges are rated in percent of reading, like deadweight testers. Accuracy is 0.1% of reading, down to 20% of the range. One of reading gauge can replace multiple of scale gauges, leaving fewer gauges to maintain and calibrate every year.

Available in ranges Vacuum thru 10,000 PSI (700 Bar)

The crystalline structure is why silicon sensors are so highly repeatable, and why over-pressure has no effect on the accuracy of the gauge.*

  • Calibration Certificate:  Every XP2i includes a factory calibration report that proves it meets its specifications at 5 different temperatures, from -10° to 50°C (14° to 122°F), because every XP2i is calibrated in an environmental test chamber using fully automated equipment.

  • Vacuum Operation: All XP2i gauges can be used to indicate vacuum. Gauges with a full scale range up to 20 bar/300 PSI (or equivalent) are certified to have an accuracy of 0.25% of -99.9 kPa or -14.5 PSI on vacuum.

The BASIC XP2i Gauge:

  • Easy to use.

  • Saves Time

  • Battery life (3-AA batteries)1500 Hours (Auto OFF)

  • Min/Max values

  • Every XP2i is Intrinsically Safe

  • Fully Temperature Compensated

  • Great for Calibrations

  • Standard 1/4" NPT Connections

Datalogging Capabilities can be added to the Basic Gauge.  By upgrading an XP2i with DataLoggerXP firmware, you can record up to 6000 pressure measurements into non-volatile flash memory in the XP2i. The recording interval can be set to a minimum of 1 second to a maximum of 18 hours.  Software and Cable included with the Upgrade.

  • Ideal for any application requiring readings over time

  • Leave gauge in field, come back plug in and retrieve data

  • The software for Datalogging (FREE). Output to Spreadsheets.

  • Customize Your XP2i With ConFigXPâ„¢ Software (FREE)

            What you can do with ConFigXP and an XP2i

        • Create special pressure units (e.g., feet of seawater)

        • Convert pressure to display torque directl       

        • Eliminate operator errors by limiting features

        • Prevent tampering

 Compared to

Mechanical Test Gauges:

  • Accuracy is not affected by overpressure, temperature, shock (by being dropped) or rapid increases or decreases of pressure (e.g.: relief valve testing)

  • Faster, accurate readings - no parallax errors

  • Vibration does not affect the life of the gauge

The IPS website ONLY lists the BASIC XP2i and the BASIC XP2i with the added DataLoggerXP Firmware Upgrade. 


  • Panel Mount Configuration (CALL)

  • Dual Line Display (CALL)

  • Flange Adapter Kit (CALL)

  • AC Adapter (CALL)

  • Hardshell Carrying Case (CALL)

  • Protective Boot (CALL)

  • For a COMPLETE calibration system, ADD the GaugeCalP Pressure Comparator( 0 to 10K PSI),

  • Adapter Fittings NPT and BSP Threads (CALL)

  • Available in Absolute Pressure  (CALL)

*Oxygen Service; Must Specify for oxygen service, gauge will be cleaned.

Full Specification can be found by Clicking the "Click for Specs" Icon, above right.

ADD the DataLoggerXP Upgrade and get the Cable and Software FREE!

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