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Extech Heavy Duty Differential Pressure Manometer

RETAIL: 251.90
BASE PRICE: 229.00

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• Dual differential inputs with internal sensors
• Wide (±802 inches of water) measurement
range with high resolution
• 8 display units of mbar, psi, kg/cm 2 , mmHg,
inHg, mH2 O, inH2 O and atm
• Record Max and Min into memory for recall
• Data Hold and Auto Power Off
• Zero function for offset measurements
• Basic accuracy: ±1% of full scale (includes hysteresis)
• Large dual LCD display
• Metal input connections with two quick-disconnect fittings
• RS-232 PC interface and optional cable and software
• Includes 2 quick disconnect-fittings, 9V battery,
and protective rubber holster with stand


Interface Options:
• Optional Windows® 95/98 compatible Data Acquisition
Software and serial cable enable user to display and capture
readings on a PC, and set time intervals and alarms


Specifications Range Resolution
mbar: ±2000 1mbar
psi: ±29 0 .02psi
kg/cm 2 : ±2.040 0.001 kg/cm 2
mm Hg: ±1500 1mmHg
inHg: ±59.05 0.05inHg
mH 2 O: ±20.40 0.01mH 2 O
inH 2 O: ±802.0 0.5inH 2 O
atm: ±1.974 0.001atm
Dimensions: 7x2.9x1.3” (178x74x33mm)
Weight: 12oz (350g)


407915 ............Spare Disconnect Fittings, (pk of 2)
156119 ............117VAC Adaptor
409997 ............Soft Vinyl Pouch Carrying Case
407001 ............Data Acquisition Program and Cable

Pleae call


407910 ............Heavy Duty Manometer
407910-NIST ..Heavy Duty Manometer with NIST Certificate

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Extech Carrying Cases
423934 RS-232 interface Cable and Software
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