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Extech Wireless Hygro-Thermometer System

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• Base station’s large LCD displays local Time, Indoor
Temperature and % Relative Humidity plus measurements
for up to 6 locations using remote transmitters
• Measures Relative Humidity from 20 to 90% and
Temperature from 32 to 104°F or 0 to 40C (receiver) and
14 to 122°F or -10 to 50°C (transmitter)
• Resolution: 1% RH, 0.1°F or 0.1°C
• Internal clock with Alarm
• Transmitter can be wall mounted
up to 90 feet from the receiver
• Remote transmitter’s LCD displays
time, temperature and % RH
• Transmitter sends updated signal every 6 minutes;
base station updates every 1 minute
• Operates at 433MHz; FCC approved
• Ideal for monitoring remote office areas, clean rooms,
green houses, storage facilities and refrigeration units
• System complete with one base station (includes
fold-up stand, 3 AA batteries and AC adaptor) and
one transmitter (includes 2 AAA batteries)


TH433 ..............Wireless Hygro-Thermometer System, 117VAC
TH433-2 ..........Wireless Hygro-Thermometer System, 230VAC

TH437 ..............Replacement RH/Temperature Transmitter


409997 ............Vinyl Pouch Carrying Case may be ordered by clicking on the LINK under "Suggested Accessories" at bottom of page.

Additional Transmitter:

Additional transmitters may be ordered by clicking on the LINK under "Suggested Accessories" at bottom of page.

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