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FLUKE 233 Digital MultiMeter Removable Display

FLUKE 233 Digital MultiMeter with Removable Display

SKU: F-233
BASE PRICE: 264.00

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The FLUKE 233 Digital MultiMeter with Removable Display gives you ultimate flexibility in unusual measurement scenarios. Place the removable display where you can see it and then put the meter where it is convenient for you. You can now take measurements in hard-to-reach places, where machines or panels are physically separated from a limit or isolator switch, or in user prohibited areas such as clean rooms or hazardous areas.
Meter Style:Digital Multimeter
Voltage (AC):1000
Voltage (DC):1000
Amps AC:10
Amps DC:10
Resistance (Ohms):40 M
Basic DC Accuracy:+/-0.25%
True RMS:Yes
Auto Ranging:Yes
Safety Rating:CAT IV 600 V
Temp. Range:-40 to 400 C
Capacitance:1000 nF to 9999 uF
Frequency Counter:0.1 Hz to 50.00 kHz
Special Features:Wireless Removable Display
Duty Cycle:No
Audible Continuity:Yes
Diode Test:Yes
Peak Hold:No
Min./Max. Memory:No
Data Hold:Yes
Auto Power Off:Yes
Battery Type:AA
Includes:Test Leads, Batteries, Alligator Clips and Instructions
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