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Fluke 787 ProcessMeter

SKU: FLuke 787
RETAIL: 671.00
BASE PRICE: 639.00

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This is an EXCLLENT Multimeter choice for the field Tech. Rugged and dependable accuracy!



Fluke combined the DMM you trust with the loop calibrator you need.
The Fluke 787 ProcessMeterT puts a complete troubleshooting solution in the palm of your hand. Get in touch with more information, faster and easier with the newest member of the Fluke 80 Series, the 787 ProcessMeter. The 787 gives you the measurement capabilities you expect from our rugged, reliable DMMs plus the ability to source, simulate, or measure dc current with 1 microamp resolution and accuracy of 0.05%. Put it all together and you have the ideal tool for troubleshooting and calibrating current loop applications. So if you're tired of always tracking down a calibrator, lugging around two tools and switching back and forth, get the single best solution for doubling your power. The 787 ProcessMeter from Fluke.

DMM and loop calibrator in one tool
Precision 1000V, 440 mA digital multimeter
Measure ac and dc volts, ac and dc current, resistance, continuity, and frequency
0.1% dc voltage accuracy
0.05% dc current accuracy, 1 ‘A resolution to 30 mA
Simultaneous mA and % of scale readout
True rms ac voltage measurement to 1 kHz
Frequency measurement to 20 kHz
Min/Max/Average/TouchHold/Relative modes
Diode test and continuity beeper
DC current source/loop calibrator
20 mA current source/simulator
Simultaneous mA and % of scale readout
Manual step (25%, coarse, fine) plus auto step and auto ramp
Clear LCD with backlight; 4,000 counts (30,000 counts for dc current)
Externally accessible battery for easy battery changes
1000V overload protection on V, ohms, frequency
150V overload protection on mA, backed-up by 440 mA 1000V fuse
Designed to meet 1000 volt IEC 1010 Cat III standards

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