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PIE 334

PIE Model 334 Loop Calibrator

SKU: PIE-334
RETAIL: 799.00
BASE PRICE: 699.00

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Guaranteed functional replacement for existing Altek
Models 334 and 334A

All milliamp (mA) loop functions
Source 0.00 to 24.00 mA (-25.0% to 125.0%)
Read 0.00 to 52.00 mA (-25% to 300.0%)
Simulate 2-Wire Transmitters 0.00 to 24.00 mA
Power and measure 2-Wire Transmitters 0.00 to 24.00 mA

Accuracy to better than 0.025% (±1⁄2 LSD)
Within ± 0.005 mA from 4.00 and 20.00 mA EZ-Checks

Large high contrast graphic display
Viewable in all lighting conditions and angles

Read voltage function
Read 0.00 to ± 99.99 VDC

EZ-Dial knob
Easily adjust output by 0.01 mA (0.01%)

EZ-Check 3-position slide switch
Instantly output 4.00 OR 20.00 mA calibration values
Adjustable in all three positions for easy valve testing and
Rugged, unbreakable with splash protection

Uses 4 standard “AA” alkaline batteries
Battery life up to 70 hours of normal usage
Easily accessible battery compartment

Overload protected

135 vrms Protection
Fuse-less Protection from accidental misconnection or misuse

Compact, lightweight and rugged
Small in size with heavy protective rubber boot
Rechargeable battery option available
1 hour rapid charger with four (4) NiMh Batteries. Kit includes
an AC adaptor and a car adaptor for charging on the go.

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