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Rosemount 848T Multi-Input Temperature Transmitter

Rosemount 848T Multi-input Temperature Transmitter

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The first choice for high density temperature measurement applications. The Rosemount 848T FOUNDATION fieldbus temperature transmitter simplifies and reduces the cost of a plant’s process control architecture. It eliminates traditional temperature monitoring methods (wire direct, low cost single input transmitters, and multiplexers) with an intrinsically safe, eight input transmitter that mounts beside the process. The use of FOUNDATION fieldbus enables a new, ground breaking method to measure temperature. When combined with the Rosemount 3420 Fieldbus Interface Module, Rosemount 848T measurements can be interfaced to existing systems.
• Accepts eight independently configurable RTD, thermocouple, ohm, and millivolt inputs 
• Powers PlantWeb® by providing multi-sensor measurement capabilities and diagnostics in one transmitter
• Reduces the need for signal wiring and can cut capital expenditures by up to 70% when compared to traditional temperature architectures.
• Installs next to process for shorter wire runs reducing the effects of electromagnetic interference from nearby electrical equipment
• Easily integrates existing analog instrumentation into FOUNDATION fieldbus environment with the added digital features including:
  - 1 Multiple Analog Input (MAI) function block to efficiently communicate all eight measurements at once
- 4 Input Selector (ISEL) function blocks for selecting Average, Minimum, Maximum, Midpoint, or First Good Status Temperatures
- Backup Link Active Scheduler (LAS) ensures measurement availability
- 8 Analog Input (AI) function blocks to communicate individual measurements with alarming
• 848T installed cost savings are integrated on a non-fieldbus host by the Rosemount 3420 Fieldbus Interface Module
  - Communicates up to 128 temperature measurements on two wires using innovating High Density technology
  - Communicates process variables and measurement status using standard Modbusâ„¢, OPC, and other protocols
  - Easy device configuration and maintenance using a PC with a standard web browser and Ethernet connection

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