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Techne - 7002618 Accu Temp RTD indicator

SKU: TN-7002618
RETAIL: 2,257.00
BASE PRICE: 2,035.00

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Tecal Accu-Temp
RTD Indicator

The Tecal Accu-Temp is an excellent choice for use as a laboratory grade reference thermometer. It offers the flexibility of two RTD input channels, along with direct temperature readout in degrees F, C and ohms. Combine the Tecal Accu-Temp with one of our PRT's for a high accuracy temperature measurement system.

User Programmable linearization (ITS90)

Accepts either 10, 25.5 or 100 ohm Platinum RTD's

Direct digital readout in ° C, ° F, and ohms

Temperature accuracy of thermometer

Temperature and ohmmeter resolution of 0.001

Wide temperature range -200 to +660° C

Two RTD input channels to select from
each linearized using ITS90 coefficients

Accepts probe alphas of either 0.00385 or 0.003925

Optional accessories: analog output, RS-232 and
IEEE-488 interfaces

Switchable 120 or 240volt operation

Dimensions: 3 1/2"h x 8 1/2"w x 11 1/2"d

Weight: 9 lbs. (12 lbs. shipping)

In many cases, our stated display accuracy may be enough for your application but we suggest using an independent reference thermometer to measure the temperature of your calibration bath, dry well block calibrator, fluidised bath or thermal cycler.
The Tecal Accu-Temp RTD indicator is a bench top high accuracy instrument, offering a two probe input and resolution of 0.001 at a lower cost than competitive units. Add one or two of our ITS-90 calibrated Model WSP660 PRT's to the Accu-Temp for high overall system accuracy. We also offer ITS-90 calibrations and recalibration on the sensors you supply or already own.
Our low cost, high accuracy thermometer choice is the Model 4400. It offers four probe types one for general purpose use, another for 0.2 and 0.5 thermal cyclers and the third for 384 well thermal cyclers. This unit also includes a foam lined carrying case.
All of our thermometer systems include a NIST traceable calibration certificate with all of the relevant calibration


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