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Techne - SB Series Fluidized Baths

RETAIL: 2,814.00
BASE PRICE: 2,782.00

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Techne SB series Fluidized baths operate from ambient to 600°C, and provide a working environment that is dry, easily accessible, and free from the dangers associated with high temperature oil or salt baths. Our fluidized baths are bench standing, requiring only an electrical and air supply for operation.

 Air passes through the mass of the AL2O3 particles via a porous plate in the base of the unit separating the individual particles and suspending them in free air, providing the properties of a liquid bath. Heaters in the bath maintain temperatures of up to 600°C. All SB Series Baths incorporate stainless steel inner containers insulated from outer walls, and a safety air pressure switch in the event of loss of air.

 Baths are controllable to within +/-1°C, making them ideal as general purpose high temperature environments for comparison calibration, metal treatment, distillation, and other high temperature applications. All fluidized baths are supplied with an initial charge of aluminum oxide fluidizing media and overspill flange.

Model TC-8D Temperature Controller

The Techne® Model TC-8D digital controller is designed to improve the temperature stability and temperature setting obtainable with the energy regulator which is supplied as standard with SB Series fluidized baths. The TC-8D is a self-contained unit and is supplied with a type K' thermocouple which fits into the sheaths on SB series baths.

The TC-8D controller is highly recommended when the application requires an operating temperature above 300°C.

Typical advantages include:

1) PID 3 term control 
2) Digital set and readout
3) 0 to 600°C setpoint
4) Switchable from °C to °F



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