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Techne - ESRB-11* Refrigerated Baths




Please Call 1-618-465-7623


1071300 ESRB11, 117V, LESS CONTROLLER $2,995.00
1071100 ESRB11, 240V, LESS CONTROLLER $2,995.00
1040056 ESRB11/10A BATH, 117V $3,732.00
1040057 ESRB11/10D BATH, 117V $4,068.00
1040058 ESRB11/20D BATH, 117V $4,500.00
1040060 ESRB11/20D PROGRAMMABLE BATH, 117V $5,432.00
1040061 ESRB 11/20HT PROGRAMMABLE BATH, 117V $5,832.00
1040073 ESRB11/20HT BATH $4,900.00

1040500 RCB-80, 117V, -80 C LOW TEMPERATURE BATH $6,395.00

7012747 RCB-80 PROBE HOLDER FOR CALIBRATION - customer specified hole ID's $795.00

Techne is always striving for superior product innovations. Product configurations continually change to reflecting current technologies. Because of these evolving products, IPS asks that you call us and discuss your needs and we will help determine the current product configuration and pricing.

Pricing on the Techne Calibration Baths may change without notice.

Please call for current Pricing. 618-465-7623

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