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Techne - UCAL400+Portable Dri-Block Calibrator

RETAIL: 1,991.00
PRICE: 1,980.00

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Inserts for UCAL 400


Catalog no. Item
7032718 Carrying case
7032722 Insert extractor
7002705 120 volt mains cable
7002712 Instruction manual
7032725 RS232 comms interface for PC connection

Accessories for UCAL 400

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3028900 UCAL400+ DRI-BLOCK CALIBRATOR 117 Volt
3028905 UCAL400+ DRI-BLOCK CALIBRATOR 117 Volt with RS-232

3028950 UCAL400+ DRI-BLOCK CALIBRATOR 240 Volt
3028955 UCAL400+ DRI-BLOCK CALIBRATOR 240 Volt with RS-232

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