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Extech Temperature Transmitters


Quality Extech Temperature Transmitters

Temperature Products

Extech Two-Wire Transmitters
Thermocouple or RTD Input, 4-20mA output. This Extech is an inexpensive and reliable head or base mounted transmitter.

Extech Wireless Hygro-Thermometer System
Monitors local plus up to six remote locations from one base station / TH433-2 Model = 230VAC version

Extech Wireless TH437 Hygro-Thermometer System Transmitters
Replacement or Additional Transmitters fot the Extech Wireless Hygro-Thermometer System TH433 and Th433-2

Trans_P Series DM Digital Indicator and Power Supply
Built-in Transmitter Power Supply. Factory Scaled and Calibrated to your specs - “Ready-to-Go”. Advanced technology for drift-free readout. Easy Menu-driven Programming, with lockout.

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