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Flotect Liquid Level Switch - Series L4 (Brass or Stainless Steel Body)

RETAIL: 343.00
BASE PRICE: 322.00

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L4 Series Flotect® Liquid Level Switch

Brass or Stainless Steel Housing

Rugged and Reliable Level Switch

Easy In-Wall

Up to 2000 psig (138 bar)


Rugged and reliable the Series L4 Flotect® Level switch operates automatically to indicate tank level. Perfect for starting or stopping pumps, opening or closing valves, or actuate level alarm signals. A unique magnetically actuated switching design gives superior performance. There are no bellows, springs, or seals to fail. Instead, the free swinging float attracts a magnet within the solid metal switch body, actuating a snap switch by means of a simple lever arm. Float arm hinge design limits the arm angle to prevent vertical hangup  




  • Service: Liquids  compatible with materials

  • Body: Brass or  316 Stainless Steel

  • Wetted Material :Float & Rod: 316 SS; Magnet Keeper: 430 SS Standard, 316 SS or Nickel Optional   

  • Switch Type: SPDT snap switch standard, or DPDT snap Switch Option

  • Enclosure: Explosion and Weather Proof

  • Pressure Ratings: See Chart

  • Conduit Connection: 3/4" female NPT Standard

  • Process Connection: 1-1/2" male NPT, Standard; 2-1/2" Male NPT required for optional floats

  • Specific Gravity: 0.7 Minimum with Standard Float.



Available Standard L4 Series Flotect® Level  Switch

Models & Construction Matrix

Most Popular Models
Model No. Body Installation Float  & Rod Material

Max. Pressure

psig (bar)


Sp. Gr.



Side Wall Mounting

316 SS

1000 (69)


L4 - SS

316 SS

Side Wall Mounting

316 SS

200o (138)



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