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The products listed represent only a small selection of the available IPS product line.
To discuss your specific application with an experienced technician.

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Level Products
Level Switches
Rosemount Level Products
Rosemount 3051S Level Switch
Rosemount 3100 Series Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
Rosemount 3300 Series Guided Wave Radar Level and Interface Transmitter
Rosemount 3490 Universal Control and Display Unit
Rosemount 5300 Series Two-wire Radar Level Transmitter
Rosemount 5400 Series Superior 2-wire Radar Level Transmitters
Rosemount 5600 Series 4-wire Radar Level Transmitters
Rosemount Level Software
Dwyer Level Switches
Flotect Liquid Level Switch - Series L6 (Brass Body)
Flotect Liquid Level Switch - Series L6 (Stainless Steel Body)
Flotect Liquid Level Switch - Series L4 (Brass or Stainless Steel Body)
Flowline Level Switches
Flowline EchoSwitch® II, Bulk Tank Ultrasonic Switch, Non-Contact Multi-Point Level Controller
Flowline Float-Point with Compact Junction Box, High Temperature Multi-Point Level Detection
Flowline Smart Trak with Compact Junction Box, Adjustable Multi-Point Level Detection
Flowline Smart Trak with Compact Relay Controller, Adjustable Automatic Fill or Empty Control
Flowline Switch-Pak with Compact Junction Box, High or Low Level Detection
Flowline Switch-Pak with Compact Relay Controller, High or Low Detection and Control
Flowline Switch-Pro with Compact Junction Box
Flowline Switch-Pro with Compact Relay Controller
Flowline Switch-Tek Guard Capacitance Switch
Flowline Switch-Tek High-Temp. Float Switch
Flowline Switch-Tek Mini-Float Level Switch
Flowline Switch-Tek Optic Leak Detection Switch
Flowline Switch-Tek Ultrasonic Level Switch
Flowline Switch-Tek Vertical Buoyancy Switch
Flowline Switch-Tek Vertical Float Level Switch
Flowline Switch-Tek Vibration Switch
FlowlineSwitch-Tek Non-Intrusive Capacitance Switch

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