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Techne - PRT's 660° C Working Standard PRT

SKU: THPRT-7002660
RETAIL: 764.50
BASE PRICE: 695.00

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Techne PRT's

Our PRT's offers proven and reliable performance for your critical temperature measurements.
They can be used with our Tecal Accu-Temp
indicator or any comparable model. Both models include an ITS-90
calibration (NIST traceable) certificate with coefficients and resistance vs.
temperature table. The WSP660 gives an SPRT level of performance and
specifications at an affordable price, while the 300 deg.C model is an
Industrial RTD designed for lower accuracy measurements.

660° C Working Standard PRT

Model WSP660 PRTs are assembled using our special wire wound RTD elements, assembled into inconel sheaths. The WSP660 PRT has similar accuracy and long-term stability specifications you would find in much higher priced Primary standard PRTs. The WSP660 PRT can be used as a reference standard in calibration baths, furnaces, fluidized baths, dry block calibrators and other any other temperature calibration work requiring a high level of accuracy and repeatability.

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