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The products listed represent only a small selection of the available IPS product line.
To discuss your specific application with an experienced technician.

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Temperature Calibration
Temperature Calibration Meters
PIE Model 322 T/C Calibrator
PIE Model 422 T/C Calibrator
PIE Model 211 RTD Calibrator
PIE Model 311 RTD Calibrator
Extech Microprocessor Calibrator Thermometer 433201
Techne - 7002618 Accu Temp RTD indicator
Extech Heavy Duty Thermometers
Extech Dual Input, 3-Display, Handheld thermometer

Temperature Dry Block Calibrators
Techne - CE350 block calibrator
Techne - Tecal 140S/H Low Temp. Portable Block Calibrator
Techne - Tecal 425S/H Multiwell Portable Block Calibrator
Techne - Tecal 650 Programable Block High Temp Calibrator
Techne - UCAL400+Portable Dri-Block Calibrator

Temperature Calibration Baths
Techne - SB Series Fluidized Baths
Techne - Industrial IFB Series Fluidized Baths -
Techne - ESRB-11* Refrigerated Baths
Techne - RB-5 Refrigerated Baths
Techne - 3012000 TC-8D Electronic Control Unit C/F 110/240V
Techne - TE-10D, TU-20D, Digital Immersion Circulator
Techne - TE-10A Analog Immersion Circulator
Techne - TU-20C / HT Digital Immersion Circulator
Techne - LCB12 Series Calibration Baths

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