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Type R and S Industrial Thermocouples

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Our Thermocouples and RTD's are made to your specifications and needs.

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  • Special Tolerances available
  • Highest Quality
  • Welded Junctions
  • High Temperature Alumina 998 Insulator


IPS® Type R and Type S thermocouples are precise temperature measuring elements made of the highest grade Platinium and Rhodium materials available. They are avaliable with ceramic insulators, double bore 998 Alumina tubes or bare. These noble metal thermocouples will meet all your high temperature applications up to 3214 °F.  They are carefully assembled according to the highest standards set by the industry. IPS thermocouples are checked against standard temperature-millivolt curves to assure calibration accuracy and must match accepted performance curves which set the standard ANSI accuracy limits.

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