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Techne - Fluid for liquid baths

RETAIL: 500.00
BASE PRICE: 495.00

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Want to get the best performance from Techne liquid baths or those obtained from other sources? We highly recommend the purchase of our bath fluids that offer proven bath performance at a lower cost than traditional

Benefits and features

Low viscosity
Improves bath uniformity and stability
Enhanced heat-up and cool down rates
Lower cost than glycol and silicone oil type fluids
Safe and non-toxic
Convenient easy pour 5 gallon containers

A hydrocarbon based fluid with the ideal combination of Low toxicity and Low odor, making it an excellent choice for use in liquid baths. Our low temperature fluid provides an unmatched level of performance without imposing risk to the environment, equipment, or personnel. The fluid offers a low viscosity rating and unequaled heat transfer characteristics through its entire operating temperature range down to -40ºC, with a recommended maximum of +125ºC.

A fume hood is recommended for open baths being operated at temperatures above +50ºC.

The high temperature fluid offers industry a practically non-toxic, versatile bath fluid that has proven to be cost effective and thermally stable at temperatures up to +250ºC. This fluid has demonstrated excellent performance over a wide range of temperature without compromising economics or system integrity. Unlike the less stable mineral oil based fluid, our high temperature fluid provides the user with the confidence and reliability for long term usage without the premium price of other fluids. Recommended temperature +60 to +250 degrees C.

As with most high temperature fluids, a fume hood is recommended for operating temperatures above 150ºC.


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Low Temperature Bath fluid (5 gallons)
Catalog# 7012602 for $308

High Temperature Bath fluid (5 gallons)
Catalog# 7012603 for $192

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