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Techne - Model 4400 High Accuracy Thermometer

SKU: TH4400-7012663
RETAIL: 715.00
BASE PRICE: 650.00

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Techne Model 4400
High Accuracy Thermometer

Techne hand-held Model 4400 Series Ultra-High Accuracy Thermometers take metrology-level temperature measurement to the laboratory, the production floor, and the field.

Ultra-high thermometer accuracy up to ±0.015°C is achieved because the thermometer uses extremely stable components and circuitry. Each thermometer is electronically calibrated, maintaining excellent repeatability. The 4400 System uses coefficients for the Probes with the Stienhart-Hart algorithm to calculate the exact temperature reading every time you plug in a probe to take a measurement.

The 4400 series thermometers are configured and hardwired to the specified probe and calibrated as a system for high accuracy. When one type of probe will do the job a hardwired system offers excellent repeatability with ultra high accuracy over a wider range.

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