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Techne - PRT's 300° C Working Standard PRT

SKU: Th-7002617
RETAIL: 368.50
BASE PRICE: 335.00

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Techne PRT's

The model TI913 RTD is a good choice for lower temperature range work at a lower accuracy. The sheath is of stainless steel construction with a mineral insulated .385 alpha RTD. The TI913 can be used as a working standard in calibration baths, furnaces, fluidized baths, dry block calibrators or for any other temperature calibration work.
660° C Working Standard PRT

Model WSP660 PRTs are assembled using our special wire wound RTD elements, assembled into inconel sheaths. The WSP660 PRT has similar accuracy and long-term stability specifications you would find in much higher priced Primary standard PRTs. The WSP660 PRT can be used as a reference standard in calibration baths, furnaces, fluidized baths, dry block calibrators and other any other temperature calibration work requiring a high level of accuracy and repeatability.

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